Your Child's First Day at School

The first day at pre-school can be a very daunting experience for both you and your child. Starting pre-school is an important and exciting step for any child. The most important thing parents can do is be re-assuring and positive and talk to their child in advance so they realise this is a special and enjoyable time in their lives and there's nothing to be scared of. There are many things that parents can do to help prepare their child for that first day at pre-school.
 * Take your child to visit the pre-school before they start; point it out when you drive past it
* Find out your child's teachers name and use it in conversation * Talk about all their friends that will be there too
* Plan ahead - make sure you have purchased everything including a lunchbox etc. that you think your child may need. Buying new things and getting prepared will help build the excitement about starting pre-school
* Establish sleep patterns - start a sensible sleep routine a couple of weeks before your child starts and make sure you both get a good nights sleep before the big day
* Set your alarm half an hour before you usually do, this will prevent you from having to rush about and will allow you to spend some time with your child so you both feel relaxed on leaving the house After the first day, parents may find that their child is tired and irritable and doesn't want to talk about their first day - this is quite normal and doesn't mean they've had a horrible day. As they get used to going to pre-school and settle in to a routine, they'll become much more talkative!